Italian: first resource!

For those who come in our country it's important to learn quickly to speak Italian. So here's some useful information for those who have to learn Italian: from schools for foreigners to news about institutional tests.

Integration Agreement

New rules for those who require a residence permit in Italy: a two-years credit agreement, based on knowledge of Italian language and culture, has been introduced.  

Italian test for foreign citizens

Those applying for a long-term residence permit must pass an Italian language test. Here are the modalities of development.

Database for Italian language courses for foreigners

The Province of Bologna created an on-line database for Italian language courses organized in the city for foreign citizens. Choose city, level and the time you prefer and check which courses are available!

Italian language schools and courses for foreigners

The main Italian language schools for migrants in the province of Bologna: addresses and information about free courses, organized by volunteers or public authorities.

Province’s office immigration policies

The Office immigration policies of the Province of Bologna is engaged for a while in teaching Italian as a second language for foreign citizens.

CELI'S tests

CELI (Certificate for migrant people in Italy) are certificates, that attest the knowledge of the Italian language and, according to the new law, replace the Italian test, required by the prefecture for the issue of the residence permit.

PLIDA certification 

PLIDA is an exam for all native speakers other than Italian, who want to check their language level and to obtain an official recognition of their language competence.

Learning materials

A selection of handbooks, courses ad free exercises online. To learn Italian online!

ITALS Workshop

Ca' Foscari University founded an online workshop, dedicated to the Italian language teaching and promotion.